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Preferred Arashi Members Among Japanese Celebs…

12 Aug

Arashi’s popular variety show “Himitsu no Arashi-chan,” was broadcasted on the 12th. This week’s episode was an editorial of “VIP ROOM” which showed 42 previous guests and included some unseen footage.

In the corner, “VIP ROOM,” the guest (usually female) picks her “favorite Arashi” member. In this episode, they announced “the best of ‘favorite Arashi’, which revealed who has been picked the most. The winner was Ohno Satoshi, the leader of Arashi. Satoshi was chosen by 11 female celebrities, including Shibasaki Koh, Kuroki Meisa, and Karina.

The next weeks guest on “VIP ROOM” will be Aragaki Yuki. She will talk about her upcoming film “Hanamizuki,” which also stars Ikuta Toma and Mukai Osamu.


Hikaru Utada Upset With Media…

12 Aug

Utada Hikaru’s announcement about her going on hiatus took the entire country by surprise, and the news is now everywhere. Some media outlets reported that the reason for her going on hiatus was because she has lost many things through her popularity. Such as, going shopping in public or going to McDonald’s.

Hikaru made a new entry about the news report saying that it’s not right. She said, “If people think I decided to go on hiatus for these stupid reasons, that is disappointing.”

The entry has a little bit of tension and it seems she is upset about the reports. However, Hikaru also wrote that she has only been gaining things since her popularity, not losing.


“Hotaru no Hikari 2″ To Be Broadcasted in Taiwan!

12 Aug

It has been announced that popular drama “Hotaru no Hikari 2“, in which Ayase Haruka stars in, and is on air now, will also be broadcasted in Taiwan starting on August 14th.

It is extremely rare that a Japanese drama be broadcasted in a foreign country when it’s still on air in Japan. According to the Taiwanese broadcasting company, the previous season of “Hotaru no Hikari” was in the best 3 of more than 60 dramas broadcasted in Taiwan during 2008.

Before the release in Taiwan, one of the cast members, Itaya Yuka, visited Taiwan and held promotions there.

source: TOKYHIVE

Erika Sawajiri’s Magazine Appearance…

12 Aug

Actress Erika Sawajiri appears on the cover of the latest edition of men’s street fashion magazine titled “Ollie” along with actor, Yosuke Kubozuka.

Yosuke Kubozuka appears in the magazine regularly but the editorial department wanted to change things up and invited Erika Sawajiri for a conversation piece. Erika Sawajiri said she had seen Kubozuka in a night club once before, but this will be the first time that she’ll have a conversation with him.

The two of them were discussing about secrets to carry through a quality of oneself and conversation went on about how they both like to live freely. At the end, Kubozuka commented, “Let’s do things that we want to do in our life. Our life is a one-way ticket.” When the interview finished, Kubozuka was inviting Erika Sawajiri to his next concert.


Erika Sawajiri: Movie rumors..Fashion show comeback

10 May

Erika is getting flooded with movie offers?
The “Tokyo Sports” reports that Sawajiri Erika is getting flooded with movie offers. Starting from a new “Gokudo no Onna-tachi” movie series to taking over Fukada Kyoko’s role as Doronjo in the upcoming sequel “Yatterman 2”, it’s going to be a difficult and important choice for her.

“Sawajiri also wishes to start singing again and it’s basically a done deal that she will release a new album within this year,” a music industry official revealed.

However, there are two pillars in her career, music AND acting. There is a lot of buzz around her and her acting skills aren’t that bad either, so it’s said that she is receiving a lot of love calls for several big productions.

One of those would be “Gokudo”, a very popular movie series with actresses like Iwashima Tashima and Takashima Reiko in the starring roles. There hasn’t been a new movie since 2005 and the staff plans to restart the series with Sawajiri in the starring role. The production team of “Yatterman” also have their eyes on her. They plan to get her for the role of Doronjo, of course. Both offers would have her playing some kind of wicked woman, so it sounds like the perfect choice for her.

“Last year in March Yatterman became a huge hit with a box office revenue of over 40 million USD. Immediately after the release there have been talks about a possible sequel. Sawajiri seems to be on the top of the list for the candidates that would be perfect for the role of Doronjo, the sexy role responsible for its success,” people in the movie industry whispered to the reporters.

Fukada Kyoko
was amazing in Yatterman alongside starring actor Sakurai Sho (Arashi) with her sexy high-leg leotard leather outfit. It’s obvious that would they need someone for the sequel who could leave a similar or even bigger impact than Fukakyon and who would be better than Sawajiri?


Millie’s Comments:  Basically, I also think she has some acting skills…Definitely better than her singing skills. I’ll, however, listen to her songs and watch her movies and dramas. Call me perverse….

Sawajiri Erika Confirms Divorce Rumors…

28 Apr

Actress Sawajiri Erika (24) has made her first formal statement regarding the recent rumors of her impending divorce. On her official website yesterday she wrote, “I wish to formally state that I, Sawajiri Erika, have determined to divorce my husband, Takashiro Tsuyoshi (45), and we are in talks under the auspices of my family.”

The member of her family is believed to be her elder brother, a former actor who now runs a restaurant in Tokyo. The Sankei Sports newspaper reports that a source close to the actress told them that she talked about divorce with her former management agency at least three times before she was dumped by them last September.

Last month it was reported that she had set up a personal management company in Spain, but it now seems that was more to do with Takashiro’s plans to base himself outside Japan. Sawajiri says that she has been taking vocal lessons and that after the divorce she will resume her acting and singing careers full-time under the Avex entertainment company.

For his part, Takashiro told Sankei Sports he does not want a divorce and has been trying unsuccessfully to meet and talk with his wife. There have been reports of his having debts and other financial problems

photo from japanzone.

source: Japan-Zone

I didn’t even know she was married…and now she’s divorced? What’s up with all the divorces in Japan recently?


20 Apr

This is totally crazy but don’t these two look alike?
That 70’S Show star, Laura Prepon and Japanese actress, Noriko Kato. Or am I crazy?


UVERworld Premieres 3D Music Video for “GOLD”

20 Apr

Rock band UVERworld premiered Japan’s first full 3D music video on April 17th for their song GOLD, the lead track on their new album LAST.

At a screen test event, UVERworld showed off their new 3D music video in front of 200 contest winners. Japanese entertainment information guide Oricon reported that video was filmed and shown using the same technology as Avatar, making it Japan’s first complete music video created using new 3D techniques.

Odagiri To Star in Summer Drama…

19 Apr

Actor Joe Odagiri (34) will star in a new drama series this summer on TV Asahi, titled “Atami no Sousakan.” The show reunites Odagiri with director and screenwriter Satoshi Miki, whom he worked with on the popular mystery series “Jikou Keisatsu” in 2006 and 2007.

“Atami no Sousakan” begins with the disappearance of a school bus and four high school girls. Still unsolved three years later, the case gets revived when one of the girls reappears. Odagiri plays a sharp national investigator searching for the truth behind the incident, which leads back to a seemingly peaceful town.

TV Asahi has not yet announced the time slot for the series.


Surprising Fans…

18 Apr

Mao Asada, the famous Japanese figure skater who recently won the 2010 World Figure Skating Championships and earned at silver medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics, is said to be a big fan of TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki. The story comes from MT News where they source a Japanese Magazine report on Mao Asada’s love for TVXQ.

The magazine has a photo of Xiah Junsu and states that she is a big fan of his. The report also states that after her April 8th Stars on Ice performance in Tokyo, Japan, Mao visited a famous Korean restaurant with her mother and older sister. The restaurant is said to be frequented by Hallyu stars 류시원 (Ryu Siwon) and 박 용하 (Park Young Ha). The restaurant is also said to be one of TVXQ’s favorite to visit.

One of the employees of the restaurant gave an interview with the magazine and stated that Mao Asada asked to be seated where TVXQ usually sits (on the 4th floor), more specifically, the exact same seat where Xiah Junsu usually sits. The employee also stated that they enjoyed dining on the Korean dishes such as Galbi-jjim, Bulgogi, and Sam Gae Ttang (Chicken Soup).

Netizens have been commenting, “Her Eyes are High (High Standards),” “Now I see Mao Asada as cute” and “Of Course Dong Bang Shin Ki!” The rest of the article talks about TVXQ’s ongoing issues with SM Entertainment.

Pretty cool that Mao Asada is a fan of the boys, thanks to Cindy for the tip.

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