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Han Chae Young’s Hollywood Move…

12 Aug

Back in June we reported that Han Chae Young was wrapping up her filming activities in Korea to head on over to America and attend some meetings for oversea activities.

Well, it looks like the actress got exactly as she wished and was recently signed with popular Hollywood agency CAA (Creative Artists Agency) that has some major celebrities linked including David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, Nicholas Cage, Julia Roberts, and more.

BH Entertainment stated that Han Chae Young would be very successful working overseas, especially because of her good looks and excellent fluency in English.

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Millie’s Comments:  I think this is a good move for her. With this agency, who knows? She might be the next Lucy Liu.

Rain’s Probable Movie Before Military Enlistment…

12 Aug

World superstar Rain will most likely be participating in a movie remake of Red Scarf which was first released all the way back in 1964.

Although the details aren’t set in stone yet, there’s a very high possibility that he will indeed partake in playing the main character.

Rain had previously received a draft notice, letting him know that he had to enlist in the army on September 28th of this year. But because he will most likely play the main character in Red Scarf, and is also currently obtaining his master’s degree, many expect that the star will be able to postpone the mandatory duties.

Rain is currently filming for the KBS Drama Fugitive which is scheduled to air next month. Stay tuned to allkpop for further details.

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Millie’s Comments:  I honestly don’t get this whole mandatory enlistment thing. Does anyone?

Yoon Eun Hye’s CF…

12 Aug

Beautiful actress, and former Baby V.O.X member, Yoon Eun Hye recently inked an endorsement deal with the Korean Pigeon Corporation to endorse their Actz Laundry Detergent product.

The CF also features an adorable baby biting everything it can get its hands on, but no need to worry because Actz arrives to save the day. Check out the adorable CF below!


Millie’s Comments:  She’s really too cute for words.


Jang Dong Gun To Focus on Acting?

10 May

On May 2nd, Jang Dong Gun and Go So Young finally tied the knot after holding a spectacular and epic wedding ceremony. The couple has just returned from their honeymoon and it’s been revealed that Jang Dong Gun is already jumping right back into work.

The newly wed couple went to Bali, Indonesia for their honeymoon and returned to Korea on the 8th. And although you’d think that the two would be spending some quality time together at home, Jang Dong Gun is already working on his comeback.

The moment the two returned from Korea, it was revealed that Jang Dong Gun already began filming for a CF. Talk about fast! But that’s not all as he’s also begun production on a new film called My Way.

Looks like the honeymoon was enough alone time with the ole ball and chain as he says that he’s ready to focus on his acting career again.
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Millie’s Comments:   I’m really glad he’s back to acting. Missed him a lot. Anyone think he feels like the cat who ate the canary? I mean, a great carrier, a beautiful wife, and a child in the offing, to boot…

Shin Se Kyung Looking Incredibly Hot for Arena

28 Apr

I personally don’t know this actress or seen her in any drama, but apparently she’s famous. Especially after her drama High Kick Through the Roof (which I heard had a horrible end… I don’t know) Anyway, she looks really good in this pic.

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[Spoiler Alert] Kim So Yeon Puckers Up For Prosecutor Princess

22 Apr

On the upcoming?episode of SBS Prosecutor Princess, there is said to be a kiss scene between Ma Hye Ri (played by Kim So Yeon) and a lucky male lead.

Millie’s Comments:   Honestly, I’ve been trying to make my way to watching this drama, but I can’t seem to want to begin watching it unless I have all episodes for a marathon. That’s not wrong, is it?  I’m still not sure who the male lead is…

Pics of the scene:

She’s a lucky son-of-a-gun, ain’t she?


2AM’s Like a Fool Released for Personal Taste OST

21 Apr

Son Ye Jin wanted 2AM’s Jo Kwon to participate in her new drama Personal Taste. This may not be exactly what she envisioned but Jo Kwon does participate through a different means as 2AM sings Like a Fool / 바보처럼 for the Personal Taste OST (Soundtrack).

The track title is reminiscent of SS501’s Because I’m Stupid from Lee Minho’s previous drama, Boys Overs Flowers. The song is a wonderful ballad and all of the 2AM boys get an opportunity to shine and showcase their wonderful voices. Thanks to jenpooable for the tip and check out the track below.

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Lee Hyori in May Issue of Vogue

21 Apr

The beautiful diva Lee Hyori is featured in the May Issue of Vogue Korea. The Vogue Korea website recently uploaded the photo shoot with the title ‘Who’s Got The Power.’

With her recent endorsement for Adidas, Hyori is photographed with various Adidas equipment and Jeremy Scott shoes. She’s also wearing clothing and accessories from Christos by Amsale, David Yurman, Diane Von Furstenberg, Bulgari, Juicy Coutoure, Fendi, Dior, Jamie&Bell, Kang Hee Sook, Jardin de Chouette, Ann Demeulemeester, Missoni, Ash, Repetto, Amsale and Gucci.

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She looks quite good, right? I’m not a huge fan of hers, though

Shin Se Kyung for Vogue Girl…

20 Apr

The upcoming issue of Vogue Girl features actress Shin Se Kyung dolled up in a black laced dress for an exclusive pictorial.

Radiating a rather romantic ambiance with antique beds and glassy chandelier, the starlet also participated in a brief interview to share what she’s up to nowadays.

Currently spending her free time reading novels, Shin Se Kyung revealed,

“Before I turn 40, I want to go around the world and work to help those who are not living a comfortable life like others.”

The full pictorial will be revealed in the May issue of Vogue Girl.

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Lee Hyori’s H-Logic…

19 Apr

Korean pop star Lee Hyori has released her latest album H-Logic. Below are some promotional photos for the new album.

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