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20 Apr

Interviews with personalities from various popular asian dramas. Questions you’ve always wished you could ask them will be asked by me, the host of this show. See you then…


Spend The Day With….. I

20 Apr

Ahn nyeong ha se yo, Everyone, and greetings from Asian drama land where more angst is always better. I’m Millie and I’ll be your host/interviewer for this show. Let me just say, it’s a pleasure to be with you all. Feel free to direct all comments, thoughts ad/or suggestions to the comments box available at the end of the show, um, I mean, post…

So … without further ado, let’s welcome to the show our two interviewees. Boy, do I have a treat for you today. We have TWO guests today. Somebody please say hallelujah.

Male voice from Audience:  Hallelujah!

Audience Laughs

Millie : O-kay. I didn’t mean literally. But… thanks anyway.   Let’s move on. Our first guest today was portrayed as a childish jerk with a one-sided love. However, by the time he got through with us, we were all blathering idiots singing his praises. Come on out, Lee Mong Ryong of Delightful Girl Choon-hyang fame.

Fanfare. And out walks Mong Ryong. Audience applaud, whistle, shriek and make noise in general.

a refresher, if you've forgotten what he looks like

Millie:  WOW! I mean, someone turn on the air. It’s gotten hot in here all of a sudden.

Mong Ryong:  C’mon, Millie. Flattery will get you everywhere.

Millie:  No, seriously. Someone turn the air.

Audience Giggle

Millie:  Are you at all curious about the next guest?

Mong Ryong:  Of course. He better not be cuter than me, that’s all I can say.

Millie:  That’s going to be a bit hard. Our next guest was portrayed as a stiff stick-in-the-mud. That is, until he fell for the most adorable con artist in the world. Ya’ll know who I’m talking about, don’t you?  Let’s welcome to the show, Seol Gong Chan, of My Girl fame!…

Fanfare Again.

Gong Chan saunters out amidst cheers and applause.

He takes a seat opposite M.R.

Millie:  You look Amazing!! Marriage MUST be agreeing with you.

Gong Chan:  Thanks for having me on your show, Millie.

M.R.:  Hyung, you’re making me feel bad.

Millie:  It’s fine, M.R. We all know how rude you are. Although, you did change a little by the end of your drama, didn’t you? I could say you grew up.

M.R. :  Oh, that. Yeah, I kind of had to, you know? My girl disappeared on me. Who wouldn’t change? Right, hyung?

Audience twitter.

Millie:  Didn’t you find her? And I think you found out why she left in the first place.

M.R.:  Pardon my language, but her reason for leaving was the biggest bunch of crap ever.

Millie:  You’re pardoned. So are you saying you wouldn’t have done the same thing if your positions were reversed. She just wanted to protect you.

M.R.:  I understand that part, but you forget there was a much simpler solution to the problem than disappearing.

Millie:  Enlighten me, please.

M.R.:  She could have told me the truth. She didn’t have to leave.

Millie:  Ahhh, what a novel idea to the land of kdrama. The truth. I’m thinking she did have to leave. How else would more drama be created. Besides, angst is a ratings blaster, you see. You should be happy she didn’t get cancer and die on you.

Audience hoot with laughter.

M.R. :  That’s true. Are you laughing too, hyung? You were just like me.

G.C.:  Not so much. Yoo Rin left for just two years. Choon Hyang left for five.

M.R.:  At least Choon Hyang’s reasons for leaving were way more better than Yoo Rin’s.

G.C.:  Hyung! Don’t underestimate my grandfather. He’s scary.

M.R.:  Scarier than Byun Hak Do?

G.C.:  Yeah, he was scary. Scarily irritating. I felt like punching him in the face whenever he showed up on the screen.

M.R.:  What happened to that dud who was following Yoo Rin around. I think he was your friend. So…Seo… something.

G.C.:  Seo Jung Woo?

M.R.:  Yeah, him. The dude with the freakish hair. What happened with him?

G.C.:  He married his secretary, Yoon Jin Kyung. Apparently, she had a thing for him. I hear they even have a kid.

M.R.:  Is that so? That’s a surprise. With the way he was going on about Yoo Rin, I would have thought he’d never get married.

G.C.:  You and me both.

Millie:  clears her throat loudly. I’m the interviewer here, you know?

M.R. and G.C. look at Millie with chragrin.

M.R.: Sorry, Millie.

G.C.:  Yeah, keep going, Millie.

Millie:  (mutters) I’m never having two guests on the show again.

G.C.:  Don’t be like that, Millie.

M.R.: Don’t be mean, Millie.

Millie:  Anyway, I’ve always wanted to know this. How is life after the end of the drama? Did all you guys stay together?

G.C.:  You know it. Yoo Rin can’t live without me.

Millie:  Are you bragging now?

G.C.:  No. Really. She tells me that everyday.

Audience:  AWWWWWWW….

Millie pulls up a picture of Joo Yoo Rin on the big screen.

Millie:  sighs. The stubborn they are, the harder they fall.  Any kids yet?

G.C.:  Not yet, unfortunately. We’re both too busy with work.

Millie:  Still…

G.C.:  I did have a strange dream last week.

Millie:  A conception dream? You know how Korean dramas rely on that device to foreshadow pregnancy. Any chance it might be true?

G.C. shrugs, looking smug. The Audience laugh.

What about you, M.R? How are you and Choon Hyang?

M.R.:  Oh, we’re great. We couldn’t be happier. Well…we could… but let’s not go there.

Millie:  Why? What’s the problem.

M.R.:  The children. They tire us out. We barely have any time for ourselves anymore.

Millie:  Children? Am I to understand that you have more than one child?

M.R.:  We have three.

Millie:  I guess Choon Hyang kept her promise.

M.R.:  Promise?

Millie:  Remember when she wanted to go study abroad? You made her promise to go only after she married you and had three children. That was in episode 17, I believe.

M.R.:  You’re right! Man, I forgot all about that. I think she forgot too. I hope she’s not watching this right now. This isn’t live, is it?

Millie:  Oops.

Audience laugh.

G.C.:  Don’t worry about it, Mong Ryong. Choon Hyang’s grandfather won’t let her go. Not when he tried so hard to find her. And you know how scary he is.

Millie:  That’s right. You guys are related. How’s that working out?

M.R.:  Oh, it’s fine. Choon Hyang’s happy to know her grandfather.

Millie:  So how do you deal with the problem?

G.C.:  What problem?

Millie:  Well, Mong Ryong’s parents in Delightful Girl Choon Hyang is Gong Chan’s uncle and aunt in My Girl. How do you guys call them when you’re all together?

M.R and G.C. gape at each other in shock.

G.C.:  We didn’t realize…

He trails off.  Audience hoot loudly.

Millie:  On that not, Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ll sign out. Thank you Lee Mong Ryong and Seol Gong Chan for being lovely guests on the show. And to my beautiful audience, you have been great. Tune in next time to …

SPEND THE DAY WITH….  the Audience roar and applaud.

Fade Out.