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Bull Fighting OST

19 Aug

Zui Jing Hai Hao Ma — by S.H.E.

This song is from one of my favorite Taiwanese dramas of all times, Bull Fighting, starring  Hebe Tian and Mike He. Hot Factor: 10/10.

Download Zui Jing Hai Hao Ma

Link 1

Ai Lai Guo by S.H.E.

Download Ai Lai Guo

Link 1

Dou Niu Yao Bu Yao by TANK

This is the opening theme of the drama. Luv it!

Download Dou Niu Yao Bu Yao

Link 1

“Hotaru no Hikari 2″ To Be Broadcasted in Taiwan!

12 Aug

It has been announced that popular drama “Hotaru no Hikari 2“, in which Ayase Haruka stars in, and is on air now, will also be broadcasted in Taiwan starting on August 14th.

It is extremely rare that a Japanese drama be broadcasted in a foreign country when it’s still on air in Japan. According to the Taiwanese broadcasting company, the previous season of “Hotaru no Hikari” was in the best 3 of more than 60 dramas broadcasted in Taiwan during 2008.

Before the release in Taiwan, one of the cast members, Itaya Yuka, visited Taiwan and held promotions there.

source: TOKYHIVE


10 Aug

TITLE:  RahXephon


GENRES:  Mecha, Drama, Romance


WHAT IT’S ABOUT:  In the year 2012, a mysterious organisation called “MU” suddenly attacks Tokyo. At the time, Ayato Kamina is just a regular high school student. His father had passed away when he was young, and his mother works for the government. Ayato meets a mysterious woman named Reika Mishima and discovers the existence of the angel-winged giant robot, Rahxephon. Apparently, Rahxephon is synchronised with Ayato. Might he be the key to Japan’s salvation?

Taken from http://www.animenfo.com/animetitle,792,mbwnsc,rahxephon.html

THE GOOD:   RahXephon is a very deeply moving anime. It feels like a lot of thought went into the creation of the characters as they have both depth and a certain humanness to them.  I didn’t think I would like this anime, what with just completing Eureka 7 and Stellvia of the Universe right before watching it. I’m glad I decided to give it a try.  First of all, even though this is a mecha series, it is very different from the other mecha animes I watched. Every episode made me want to know more, and when I knew more, I didn’t want it to end. What makes me love this even more is the ending, which makes complete sense. In fact, everything connects in a way that other anime don’t.

THE BAD:  This might purely be subjective, but I didn’t quite get the relationship between Ayato and Haruka. I mean, I get that they were in love in the past, and they fell in love again when they met in the present. But I would have loved to see more of their past relationship, before Haruka left and Ayato had his memories erased.


Kamina Ayato

Ayato is the main character of RahXephon. He’s the pilot of the RahXephon, the one destined to tune the world, and the one who stole Haruka’s heart. Being a half Mulian and a half Human, he is often confused as to which group he belongs to, and as such, has a deep inner struggle for what should he be fighting for, and who should he be protecting. He eventually decides to protect his friends and his loved ones, no matter what color of blood.

Source:  www.kenoki.com

Shitow Haruka

She’s a woman of many faces; Haruka is a highly respected captain at Terra, friend of the elite team leader of the Alpha Squadron (Elvy), older sister to Megumi. And more importantly, she’s the face Ixtli decides to take because it knows that she’s Ayato’s true love. Haruka is the reason why Ayato got to escape from Terra and indirectly the reason Ayato awoke as an instrumentalist.

Mishima Reika/ Ixtli

Reika Mishima is a mystery, probably the biggest mystery in the anime. We’re never given a straight answer as to who she is, but all the clues and hints are definitely in the series. She’s directly connected to the RahXephon, and also connected to the heart of the instrumentalist (pilot). Ixtli can take any shape or form it wants, however she constricts herself to take the image of the person in which the Instrumentalist desires deep in his or her heart the most. Reika is also the protector of Ayato.

Kisaragi Kuon

Quon Kisaragi is a mysterious young girl who speaks the first words of the TV series and is shown meeting Ayato in episode 4. Her standard expression of surprise or agreement is “Ra-ra” (or “La-la”) and most of her dialogue is cryptic and musically themed. She and Ayato do not connect romantically, but she displays a level of both physical and interpersonal comfort and intimacy with Ayato that is unmatched by any of the other characters, even Haruka. She is also one of the few people who never treats Ayato as a curiosity or an annoyance, and she seems to have an understanding of his situation and what his eventual role is, calling him “Ollin”.

The Rahxephon

The RahXephon is a bipedal humanoid mecha. It is several stories tall, immensely strong, and capable of unassisted flight. Its offensive capabilities include energy blades which project from its forearms, concussion energy bullets from its hands or fingertips, releasing immensely powerful shockwaves and/or energy waves with its voice and an energy bow. It can also form energy shields around its forearms, and create impenetrable spheres of energy in its hands which are used for carrying and protection. The RahXephon is connected physically, mentally, and emotionally to its instrumentalist. Its arms and head mimic Ayato’s movements. Ayato is shown to be absorbed into the RahXephon in a variety of manners, and it moves on its own to meet Ayato several times. Ayato can also trigger awakening and entering the RahXephon through voice command. Ayato appears to feel damage inflicted on the RahXephon as physical pain. During the battle with the Dolem Forzando, the RahXephon is pierced through the shoulder with a spike of debris; Ayato is shown in the cockpit holding his shoulder in the same place shortly thereafter.

Character descriptions taken from http://www.kenoki.com and wikipedia.

MY ADVICE:  If you like mecha anime and liked Stellvia of the Universe, Eureka 7 and Heroic Age, then definitely watch RahXephon.

RahXephon Gallery


Watch Online:

Link 1

Link 2

Stellvia of the Universe…

10 Aug

TITLE:  Stellvia of the Universe  (Uchuu no Stellvia)


GENRES:  Mecha, Coming of Age, Romance, Drama, Comedy.


WHAT IT’S ABOUT:  This anime takes place in the year 2167 where the earth is no longer what it used to be, thanks to the damages it received from being swallowed by a supernova explosion. Unfortunately, a second wave of trouble from this same explosion is on its way back to earth. This is where the story starts, with a young girl named Katase Shima who applies and is accepted to one of the educational foundations (just schools, I guess) in space. The anime is mostly about what happens in the wake of preparations of the Second Wave, and what happens after that through the eyes of the people currently on the space station known as Stellvia…

THE GOOD:  Definitely not what I was expecting, that’s for sure. I forayed into the genre of mecha and space animes for the first time. You should expect to see space ships and huge mechas (walking vehicles piloted by people, in case you didn’t know. For more information on mecha, go here. There’s also the whole apocalyptic world thing going on. I wonder when the world is actually going to give us what we want and cease to exist, hmm… Anyway, I think the relationships between the characters was done well. And even though the relationship between Katase Shima and Otoyama Kouta, her love interest, gets a bit too angsty for my liking, it does manage to show how important communication is in a relationship. The other relationship I liked was the one between Fujisawa Yayoi and Machida Ayaka. I have read that people think their relationship moved towards yuri territory. Maybe you’ll agree with them when you watch it, but personally I just see a very realistic portrayal of girls’ relationship:  friendship, jealousy, ambitiousness , malice and then forgiveness.

Bottom line,I really liked watching it. I had chills up and down my back in some scenes. Mostly because I really like protagonists who are very talented and show off their prowess in times of great difficulties. Take Echizen Ryoma from Prince of Tennis, for example.  I also liked the fact that the plot focused on other characters other than the main character as that can get tedious very fast. A lot of the other characters were also very instrumental in saving the world so it didn’t just get stuck on one person to become the “hero”. I liked that “us” mentality.

THE BAD:  You won’t find accurate information about what could happen in the world. Everything you see is purely fantastical, not that anyone would believe the anime. It’s not necessarily a bad thing…


Katase “Shipon” Shima

The main character who applied to Stellvia because she wanted to “see the stars while looking forward”.  Shima is extremely diligent but is a bit of natural genius. One constant trait of hers throughout the series is her fluctuations between confidence and depression, even with her relationship with Kouta. Shima is a bit quiet and introverted most of the time, but very assertive as to what she wants when she’s confident.  I didn’t particularly like her character in the 2nd part of the anime. However, she does make up for it in the last few scenes.

Otoyama Kouta

Kouta is one of those mysterious characters. All I found out about him IShe had an older sister, his parents are dead, he consistently has a Grade C in every subject regardless of how easy or hard it is. Nevertheless, I really liked Kouta because I feel so sorry for him when it comes to his relationship with Shima. He’s always the one left confused after one of her “confidence episodes” as I call them. He is also very clueless when it comes to women as evidenced by his calls to his sister for advice.

For more information on the characters, click here.

MY ADVICE:  You should watch this anime at least once and decide whether or not my rating for it is deserved. While you’re at it, find out what you think about the to-die-for opening theme.  Especially when they slow down the song and use it for the sad  and tragic parts.  I think the main reason I like this anime so much regardless of its few glitches is the theme song. If you weren’t paying enough attention to the song at the beginning, listen to it here and see what you think.

Watch Online:

Link 1

Link 2

Stellvia of the Universe Picture Gallery.








Korean Drama Review Index.

6 Aug

Let’s make this real easy. I’m going to rate these dramas just like high school. I mean, like this…

F   – Absolutely Horrible. No Redeeming Qualities Whatsoever. I’m Ashamed To Think I Watched This.

D   – Slightly More Tolerable. It Didn’t Make Me Want To Barf. I Wouldn’t Necessarily Want To Watch It Again, Though.

C   – Average. Not Good But Not Bad Either. I Wouldn’t Write Blog Entries About It.

B   – Definitely Above Average. I Love This.

A+++  – A Masterpiece. Bravo! No, Brava! I’ve Never Been More Happy In My Life.

Simple, huh?

I might find it hard to classify a drama so I’ll use plus(+) and minus(-) signs to make clear exactly what I mean. I’ll explain, don’t worry.

1% of Anything  –  C

18 vs. 29  –  C+

9 End 2 Outs  –  C+

All About Eve  –  A

Assorted Gems  –  C-

Bad Couple  –  C

Bad Family  –  C-

Beautiful Days  –  B+

Boys Before Flowers  –  D

Call of the Country  – Not Yet Watched

Cinderella’s Sister  –  Not Yet Watched

Coffee Prince  –  A-

Dal Ja’s Spring  –  B+

Delightful Girl Choon-hyang  –  B+

Don’t Ask Me About the Past  –  C

Don’t Hesitate  –  Not Yet Watched

Family’s Honor –  A++

Full House  –  C

Golden Bride  –  B+

Golden Era of Daughters in Law  –  C

Good Job, Good Job  –  F

Goodbye Solo  –  Not Yet Watched

Green Rose  –  C+

In Soon is Pretty  –  C

Last Scandal  –  C+

Love in Heaven/ Dear Heaven  –  B-

Love Letter  –  D-

Love Marriage  –  C-

Love Story in Harvard  –  B

Loving You a Thousand Times  –  C

My Girl  –  B

My Life’s Golden Age  –  C-

My Lovely Sam Soon  –  C+

Oh My Lady  –  Not Yet Watched

Pasta  –  C+

Personal Taste  –  Not Yet Watched

Princess Lulu  –  C+

Prosecutor Princess  –  Not Yet Watched

Really Really Like You  –  D+

Resurrection/ Rebirth  –  A

Save the Last Dance for Me  –  B+

Shinning Inheritance  –  C

Smile, You  –  C

Star’s Lovers  –  C-

Stars Falling From the Sky  –  C

Surgeon Bong Dal Hee  –  B-

Sweet 18  –  B-

Take Care of the Young Lady  –  F

Temptation of Wife  –  F

Thank You  –  C+

The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry  –  B+

The World That They Live In  –  C

Time Between Dog and Wolf  –  C+

Wedding  –  C

What Star Did You Come From  –  C

What’s Up, Fox?  –  C-

When It’s At Night  –  C-

Who Are You?  –  D

Wonderful Life  –  D

You’re Beautiful  –  B+

Japanese Drama Review Index.

6 Aug

Let’s make this real easy. I’m going to rate these dramas just like high school. I mean, like this…

F   – Absolutely Horrible. No Redeeming Qualities Whatsoever. I’m Ashamed To Think I Watched This.

D   – Slightly More Tolerable. It Didn’t Make Me Want To Barf. I Wouldn’t Necessarily Want To Watch It Again, Though.

C   – Average. Not Good But Not Bad Either. I Wouldn’t Write Blog Entries About It.

B   – Definitely Above Average. I Love This.

A+++  – A Masterpiece. Bravo! No, Brava! I’ve Never Been More Happy In My Life.

Simple, huh?

I might find it hard to classify a drama so I’ll use plus(+) and minus(-) signs to make clear exactly what I mean. I’ll explain, don’t worry.

1 Liter of Tears  –   A+

14 Sai no Haha  –     F
4 Shimai Tantei Dan  –   D
Ace wo Nerae  –   C
Akai Ito  –  C-
Anego  –  C-
Atashinchi no Danshi  – A++
Attack No. 1  –  D-
Attention Please  –   D+
Bloody Monday  –   D-

Boku Dake no Madonna  –  F+

Brother Beat  –  D+

First Kiss  –  A-

Ghost Friends  –  A-

Gokusen  –  A+

Gokusen 2  –  A-

Gokusen 3  –  A-

Great Teacher Onizuka  –  B+

Hana Kimi  –  A+

Hana Yori Dango  –  C+

Hana Yori Dango 2  –  C-

Himitsu no Hanazono  –  C

Iguana no Musume  –  C

Innocent Love  –  C

Itoshi Kimi E  –  D-

Joshi Deka  –  D-

Kiina  –  C

Kurosagi  –  C+

Love Generation  –  D-

Majisuka Gakuen  –  C

Mei-chan no Shitsuji  –  A-

Mendol Ikemen  –  D

Nanase Futatabi  – D

Nodame Cantabile  –  A++

Orange Days  –  B+

Osen  –  D

Otomen  –  A-

Q.E.D.  –  A-

Remote  –  3.2

RH Plus  –  3.9

Seito Shokun  –  B-

Taiyou no Uta  –  B+

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge  –  B++

Yankee-Kun to Megane-chan  –  B+

Yukan Club  –  B+


22 Apr

So the newest episodes of the hottest kdramas make me want to abandon my stoic promise of never watching a drama that has not been completed. Should I… or Shouldn’t I? That is the question. I think I’m going to need a LOT of help to resist temptation…

[Spoiler Alert] Kim So Yeon Puckers Up For Prosecutor Princess

22 Apr

On the upcoming?episode of SBS Prosecutor Princess, there is said to be a kiss scene between Ma Hye Ri (played by Kim So Yeon) and a lucky male lead.

Millie’s Comments:   Honestly, I’ve been trying to make my way to watching this drama, but I can’t seem to want to begin watching it unless I have all episodes for a marathon. That’s not wrong, is it?  I’m still not sure who the male lead is…

Pics of the scene:

She’s a lucky son-of-a-gun, ain’t she?

Source: allkpop.com

Spend The Day With….. I

20 Apr

Ahn nyeong ha se yo, Everyone, and greetings from Asian drama land where more angst is always better. I’m Millie and I’ll be your host/interviewer for this show. Let me just say, it’s a pleasure to be with you all. Feel free to direct all comments, thoughts ad/or suggestions to the comments box available at the end of the show, um, I mean, post…

So … without further ado, let’s welcome to the show our two interviewees. Boy, do I have a treat for you today. We have TWO guests today. Somebody please say hallelujah.

Male voice from Audience:  Hallelujah!

Audience Laughs

Millie : O-kay. I didn’t mean literally. But… thanks anyway.   Let’s move on. Our first guest today was portrayed as a childish jerk with a one-sided love. However, by the time he got through with us, we were all blathering idiots singing his praises. Come on out, Lee Mong Ryong of Delightful Girl Choon-hyang fame.

Fanfare. And out walks Mong Ryong. Audience applaud, whistle, shriek and make noise in general.

a refresher, if you've forgotten what he looks like

Millie:  WOW! I mean, someone turn on the air. It’s gotten hot in here all of a sudden.

Mong Ryong:  C’mon, Millie. Flattery will get you everywhere.

Millie:  No, seriously. Someone turn the air.

Audience Giggle

Millie:  Are you at all curious about the next guest?

Mong Ryong:  Of course. He better not be cuter than me, that’s all I can say.

Millie:  That’s going to be a bit hard. Our next guest was portrayed as a stiff stick-in-the-mud. That is, until he fell for the most adorable con artist in the world. Ya’ll know who I’m talking about, don’t you?  Let’s welcome to the show, Seol Gong Chan, of My Girl fame!…

Fanfare Again.

Gong Chan saunters out amidst cheers and applause.

He takes a seat opposite M.R.

Millie:  You look Amazing!! Marriage MUST be agreeing with you.

Gong Chan:  Thanks for having me on your show, Millie.

M.R.:  Hyung, you’re making me feel bad.

Millie:  It’s fine, M.R. We all know how rude you are. Although, you did change a little by the end of your drama, didn’t you? I could say you grew up.

M.R. :  Oh, that. Yeah, I kind of had to, you know? My girl disappeared on me. Who wouldn’t change? Right, hyung?

Audience twitter.

Millie:  Didn’t you find her? And I think you found out why she left in the first place.

M.R.:  Pardon my language, but her reason for leaving was the biggest bunch of crap ever.

Millie:  You’re pardoned. So are you saying you wouldn’t have done the same thing if your positions were reversed. She just wanted to protect you.

M.R.:  I understand that part, but you forget there was a much simpler solution to the problem than disappearing.

Millie:  Enlighten me, please.

M.R.:  She could have told me the truth. She didn’t have to leave.

Millie:  Ahhh, what a novel idea to the land of kdrama. The truth. I’m thinking she did have to leave. How else would more drama be created. Besides, angst is a ratings blaster, you see. You should be happy she didn’t get cancer and die on you.

Audience hoot with laughter.

M.R. :  That’s true. Are you laughing too, hyung? You were just like me.

G.C.:  Not so much. Yoo Rin left for just two years. Choon Hyang left for five.

M.R.:  At least Choon Hyang’s reasons for leaving were way more better than Yoo Rin’s.

G.C.:  Hyung! Don’t underestimate my grandfather. He’s scary.

M.R.:  Scarier than Byun Hak Do?

G.C.:  Yeah, he was scary. Scarily irritating. I felt like punching him in the face whenever he showed up on the screen.

M.R.:  What happened to that dud who was following Yoo Rin around. I think he was your friend. So…Seo… something.

G.C.:  Seo Jung Woo?

M.R.:  Yeah, him. The dude with the freakish hair. What happened with him?

G.C.:  He married his secretary, Yoon Jin Kyung. Apparently, she had a thing for him. I hear they even have a kid.

M.R.:  Is that so? That’s a surprise. With the way he was going on about Yoo Rin, I would have thought he’d never get married.

G.C.:  You and me both.

Millie:  clears her throat loudly. I’m the interviewer here, you know?

M.R. and G.C. look at Millie with chragrin.

M.R.: Sorry, Millie.

G.C.:  Yeah, keep going, Millie.

Millie:  (mutters) I’m never having two guests on the show again.

G.C.:  Don’t be like that, Millie.

M.R.: Don’t be mean, Millie.

Millie:  Anyway, I’ve always wanted to know this. How is life after the end of the drama? Did all you guys stay together?

G.C.:  You know it. Yoo Rin can’t live without me.

Millie:  Are you bragging now?

G.C.:  No. Really. She tells me that everyday.

Audience:  AWWWWWWW….

Millie pulls up a picture of Joo Yoo Rin on the big screen.

Millie:  sighs. The stubborn they are, the harder they fall.  Any kids yet?

G.C.:  Not yet, unfortunately. We’re both too busy with work.

Millie:  Still…

G.C.:  I did have a strange dream last week.

Millie:  A conception dream? You know how Korean dramas rely on that device to foreshadow pregnancy. Any chance it might be true?

G.C. shrugs, looking smug. The Audience laugh.

What about you, M.R? How are you and Choon Hyang?

M.R.:  Oh, we’re great. We couldn’t be happier. Well…we could… but let’s not go there.

Millie:  Why? What’s the problem.

M.R.:  The children. They tire us out. We barely have any time for ourselves anymore.

Millie:  Children? Am I to understand that you have more than one child?

M.R.:  We have three.

Millie:  I guess Choon Hyang kept her promise.

M.R.:  Promise?

Millie:  Remember when she wanted to go study abroad? You made her promise to go only after she married you and had three children. That was in episode 17, I believe.

M.R.:  You’re right! Man, I forgot all about that. I think she forgot too. I hope she’s not watching this right now. This isn’t live, is it?

Millie:  Oops.

Audience laugh.

G.C.:  Don’t worry about it, Mong Ryong. Choon Hyang’s grandfather won’t let her go. Not when he tried so hard to find her. And you know how scary he is.

Millie:  That’s right. You guys are related. How’s that working out?

M.R.:  Oh, it’s fine. Choon Hyang’s happy to know her grandfather.

Millie:  So how do you deal with the problem?

G.C.:  What problem?

Millie:  Well, Mong Ryong’s parents in Delightful Girl Choon Hyang is Gong Chan’s uncle and aunt in My Girl. How do you guys call them when you’re all together?

M.R and G.C. gape at each other in shock.

G.C.:  We didn’t realize…

He trails off.  Audience hoot loudly.

Millie:  On that not, Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ll sign out. Thank you Lee Mong Ryong and Seol Gong Chan for being lovely guests on the show. And to my beautiful audience, you have been great. Tune in next time to …

SPEND THE DAY WITH….  the Audience roar and applaud.

Fade Out.

20 Apr

You can find old Drama Crushes of the Week and their subsequent quotes here…