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Preferred Arashi Members Among Japanese Celebs…

12 Aug

Arashi’s popular variety show “Himitsu no Arashi-chan,” was broadcasted on the 12th. This week’s episode was an editorial of “VIP ROOM” which showed 42 previous guests and included some unseen footage.

In the corner, “VIP ROOM,” the guest (usually female) picks her “favorite Arashi” member. In this episode, they announced “the best of ‘favorite Arashi’, which revealed who has been picked the most. The winner was Ohno Satoshi, the leader of Arashi. Satoshi was chosen by 11 female celebrities, including Shibasaki Koh, Kuroki Meisa, and Karina.

The next weeks guest on “VIP ROOM” will be Aragaki Yuki. She will talk about her upcoming film “Hanamizuki,” which also stars Ikuta Toma and Mukai Osamu.


Hikaru Utada Upset With Media…

12 Aug

Utada Hikaru’s announcement about her going on hiatus took the entire country by surprise, and the news is now everywhere. Some media outlets reported that the reason for her going on hiatus was because she has lost many things through her popularity. Such as, going shopping in public or going to McDonald’s.

Hikaru made a new entry about the news report saying that it’s not right. She said, “If people think I decided to go on hiatus for these stupid reasons, that is disappointing.”

The entry has a little bit of tension and it seems she is upset about the reports. However, Hikaru also wrote that she has only been gaining things since her popularity, not losing.


Lee Hyori’s H-Logic…

19 Apr

Korean pop star Lee Hyori has released her latest album H-Logic. Below are some promotional photos for the new album.

[Image credits to Mnet.com]