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Stellvia of the Universe…

10 Aug

TITLE:  Stellvia of the Universe  (Uchuu no Stellvia)


GENRES:  Mecha, Coming of Age, Romance, Drama, Comedy.


WHAT IT’S ABOUT:  This anime takes place in the year 2167 where the earth is no longer what it used to be, thanks to the damages it received from being swallowed by a supernova explosion. Unfortunately, a second wave of trouble from this same explosion is on its way back to earth. This is where the story starts, with a young girl named Katase Shima who applies and is accepted to one of the educational foundations (just schools, I guess) in space. The anime is mostly about what happens in the wake of preparations of the Second Wave, and what happens after that through the eyes of the people currently on the space station known as Stellvia…

THE GOOD:  Definitely not what I was expecting, that’s for sure. I forayed into the genre of mecha and space animes for the first time. You should expect to see space ships and huge mechas (walking vehicles piloted by people, in case you didn’t know. For more information on mecha, go here. There’s also the whole apocalyptic world thing going on. I wonder when the world is actually going to give us what we want and cease to exist, hmm… Anyway, I think the relationships between the characters was done well. And even though the relationship between Katase Shima and Otoyama Kouta, her love interest, gets a bit too angsty for my liking, it does manage to show how important communication is in a relationship. The other relationship I liked was the one between Fujisawa Yayoi and Machida Ayaka. I have read that people think their relationship moved towards yuri territory. Maybe you’ll agree with them when you watch it, but personally I just see a very realistic portrayal of girls’ relationship:  friendship, jealousy, ambitiousness , malice and then forgiveness.

Bottom line,I really liked watching it. I had chills up and down my back in some scenes. Mostly because I really like protagonists who are very talented and show off their prowess in times of great difficulties. Take Echizen Ryoma from Prince of Tennis, for example.  I also liked the fact that the plot focused on other characters other than the main character as that can get tedious very fast. A lot of the other characters were also very instrumental in saving the world so it didn’t just get stuck on one person to become the “hero”. I liked that “us” mentality.

THE BAD:  You won’t find accurate information about what could happen in the world. Everything you see is purely fantastical, not that anyone would believe the anime. It’s not necessarily a bad thing…


Katase “Shipon” Shima

The main character who applied to Stellvia because she wanted to “see the stars while looking forward”.  Shima is extremely diligent but is a bit of natural genius. One constant trait of hers throughout the series is her fluctuations between confidence and depression, even with her relationship with Kouta. Shima is a bit quiet and introverted most of the time, but very assertive as to what she wants when she’s confident.  I didn’t particularly like her character in the 2nd part of the anime. However, she does make up for it in the last few scenes.

Otoyama Kouta

Kouta is one of those mysterious characters. All I found out about him IShe had an older sister, his parents are dead, he consistently has a Grade C in every subject regardless of how easy or hard it is. Nevertheless, I really liked Kouta because I feel so sorry for him when it comes to his relationship with Shima. He’s always the one left confused after one of her “confidence episodes” as I call them. He is also very clueless when it comes to women as evidenced by his calls to his sister for advice.

For more information on the characters, click here.

MY ADVICE:  You should watch this anime at least once and decide whether or not my rating for it is deserved. While you’re at it, find out what you think about the to-die-for opening theme.  Especially when they slow down the song and use it for the sad  and tragic parts.  I think the main reason I like this anime so much regardless of its few glitches is the theme song. If you weren’t paying enough attention to the song at the beginning, listen to it here and see what you think.

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