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Bull Fighting OST

19 Aug

Zui Jing Hai Hao Ma — by S.H.E.

This song is from one of my favorite Taiwanese dramas of all times, Bull Fighting, starring  Hebe Tian and Mike He. Hot Factor: 10/10.

Download Zui Jing Hai Hao Ma

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Ai Lai Guo by S.H.E.

Download Ai Lai Guo

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Dou Niu Yao Bu Yao by TANK

This is the opening theme of the drama. Luv it!

Download Dou Niu Yao Bu Yao

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“Hotaru no Hikari 2″ To Be Broadcasted in Taiwan!

12 Aug

It has been announced that popular drama “Hotaru no Hikari 2“, in which Ayase Haruka stars in, and is on air now, will also be broadcasted in Taiwan starting on August 14th.

It is extremely rare that a Japanese drama be broadcasted in a foreign country when it’s still on air in Japan. According to the Taiwanese broadcasting company, the previous season of “Hotaru no Hikari” was in the best 3 of more than 60 dramas broadcasted in Taiwan during 2008.

Before the release in Taiwan, one of the cast members, Itaya Yuka, visited Taiwan and held promotions there.

source: TOKYHIVE

Rainie Yang…

8 Aug

Music video of Yu Ai (Rain Love) by Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang, from her same title album which was released on New Year’s day.

She’s pretty, isn’t she?

Selena.Hebe.Ella — S.H.E.

8 Aug


Download Superstar

Link 1

Wo Ai Ni

Download Wo Ai Ni

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Ring Ring Ring

Download Ring Ring Ring

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Where there’s Fahrenheit, there’s S.H.E. This is one of the girl group’ s song that I absolutely adore. Especially since it was the opening theme song in Hana Kimi, the Taiwan version…

Zen Me Ban — ft Wu Chun

Download Zen Me Ban

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8 Aug

The Taiwanese Boy Band Fahrenheit. Here are a couple of their songs I love… I heard this is the opening theme of the drama The X-Family. The boys also star in that drama. Cool.

Chu Shen Ru Hua

Download Chu Shen Ru Hua

Link 1

Zhi Dui Ni You Gan Jue  (I Only Have Feelings For You)— ft Hebe

Download Zhi Dui Ni You Gan Jue

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Momo  — Silently

I always cry when I hear this song. I’m so emotional. Tear.

Download Momo

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Bu Hui Ai — I don’t Know How To Love

Download Bu Hui Ai

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More Fahrenheit.

Wo You Wo De Young — I Have My Youth

Download Wo You Wo De Young

Link 1

Xin Wo — ft S.H.E.

One of my fav. Fahrenheit collaborations. Hebe Tian from S.H.E. I love love love this all girls group too.

Download Xin Wo

Link 1

Xie Xie Ni De Wen Rou

One more Fahrenheit-S.H.E collaboration.

Download Xie Xie Ni De Wen Rou

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Taiwanese Drama Review Index

6 Aug

Let’s make this real easy. I’m going to rate these dramas just like high school. I mean, like this…

F   – Absolutely Horrible. No Redeeming Qualities Whatsoever. I’m Ashamed To Think I Watched This.

D   – Slightly More Tolerable. It Didn’t Make Me Want To Barf. I Wouldn’t Necessarily Want To Watch It Again, Though.

C   – Average. Not Good But Not Bad Either. I Wouldn’t Write Blog Entries About It.

B   – Definitely Above Average. I Love This.

A+++  – A Masterpiece. Bravo! No, Brava! I’ve Never Been More Happy In My Life.

Simple, huh?

I might find it hard to classify a drama so I’ll use plus(+) and minus(-) signs to make clear exactly what I mean. I’ll explain, don’t worry.

A Game About Love  –  Not Yet Watched

Autumn’s Concerto  –  Not Yet Watched

Because of You  –  Not Yet Watched

Bull Fighting  –  B+

Bump Off Lover  –  C

Devil Beside You  –  A

Down With Love  –  Not Yet Watched

Easy Fortune Happy Life  –  Not Yet Watched

Fated To Love You  –  B

Hana Kimi (Taiwan Version)  –  B

Invincible Shan Bao Mei  –  C

It Started With a Kiss  –  B+

They Kiss Again  –  B+

Love Contract  –  B-

Love Queen  –  C

Love Storm  –  C

Marmalade Boy  –  C

MARS  –  A

Momo Love  –  B

My Lucky Star  –  B

Smiling Pasta  –  B-

Summer X Summer  –  B

Sweet Relationship  –  B

The Clue Collector (Pi Li MIT)  –  A

The Rose  –  C

Tokyo Juliet  –  B

Why Why Love  –  C

Ying Ye 3+ 1  –  C

What’s the Deal?

18 Apr

As the name suggests, this is dedicated to celebrities pitted against each other. Every week, one lucky(or unlucky) celebrity is going to go up against another celebrity in regards to fame ( in their own home countries), international fame (outside their home countries), portfolios, achievements, and what have you. It won’t always be two celebrities from one country. I’m going to mix them up here: singers vs. actors, actors vs actresses, you get the picture…

Let the fun begin!!!

You Decide…

13 Apr